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Plan Sponsors

Program Implementation

An experienced account team will be responsible for the program implementation, day-to-day service, clinical strategy, business strategy and overall satisfaction. Individuals from other functional areas, such as intake and customer service, will also be a part of your program support team. These individuals will work together to effectively manage your program.

Implementation Project Manager

Accredo will assign an Implementation Project Manager (IPM), who is experienced in implementing large managed care plans, to work with the plan sponsor to determine timelines that will meet the plan’s specific needs and requirements. The IPM will review the various components of the implementation process with the plan sponsor to determine necessary meetings, task descriptions, time frames and responsibilities.

The IPM will consult with the plan sponsor on benefit design, communication strategy, training and reporting needs. The IPM will work collaboratively with all functional areas of the company to ensure a successful program implementation. Additionally, the IPM will continue to work with the plan sponsor at least 30 days post-implementation to provide oversight of the program launch and answer any questions that arise during the first month of activity. Your Accredo account team will also participate in the implementation process to provide consultation and support.

Implementation Plan

Through Accredo’s experience of implementing a multitude of contracts in a variety of environments, we have developed a comprehensive implementation manual that governs all aspects of the implementation process. This manual is a tool to be used by both the client and internal Accredo staff to identify and provide detailed key steps in the implementation of the Accredo specialty program. This outline is organized into five functional areas. For each area, critical tasks are identified, individual responsibilities are listed, and time frames are projected and managed.

Seamless Transition

Accredo has invested significant resources into developing a strong communication strategy to inform physicians, plan sponsors and patients of the comprehensive services we provide. This strategy includes the following:

  • Initial Mailing to Providers and Members
  • Follow-up Targeted Mailing to Providers
  • Follow-up Targeted Mailing to Members
  • Telephonic Communication

Additionally, your Account Management Team is available to contact providers and members to better educate them on specialty pharmacy services. Accredo can customize an entire communication and education campaign to suit your specific needs, and we will work with you to ensure all of your communication and education needs are met.


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