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Plan Sponsors

Plan Sponsors

Plan Design Customized to Meet Your Needs
With a proud legacy of plan sponsor alignment, Accredo provides programs that are flexible and customized to meet your organization's specific needs. We work closely with your organization to define your overall goals and objectives and develop a strategic plan for your customized specialty-drug management program.

Patient Care
Providing the best patient care is our highest priority at Accredo. Our integrated patient-education programs, ongoing clinical support and side effect management ensure that every patient receives the extraordinary care that sets us apart from other specialty providers.

Cost Savings
Plan sponsors save costs by managing their specialty spend through Accredo. Our focus on total patient care means that patients receive the most effective and affordable medications while we ensure appropriate utilization, manage unit costs, drive out waste and reduce related medical expenses. We align our interests with the interests of our plan sponsors, and we make every effort to give them the best value.

Ease of use — for the patient, physician and the plan sponsor — is critical to implementing and maintaining an effective specialty program. We offer plan design flexibility and manage a smooth transition with frequent, targeted and thorough communications to patients, physicians and plan sponsors throughout implementation.


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