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Pre Launch Services

Prior to and during product launch, Accredo will work with you to analyze potential market scenarios, and we’ll develop programs to help facilitate access to and acceptance of your product.

Reimbursement expertise. Our team will help you understand the possible payor mix, including Medicaid and Medicare; documentation requirements; pricing and discount issues; and state and federal regulations.

Shipping protocols. Using storage and stability information, our team will provide guidance on the most appropriate way to package and ship your product as allowed by applicable law.

Managed care support. Our managed care team will work to add your product to our existing lineup.

Market support. We’ll create marketing pieces to tell doctors, patients, and managed care clients about the new therapy that we support. At launch, we’ll notify managed care companies to add the therapy to our contracts, and we’ll let doctors know that we dispense it.

Clinical training. Pharmacists and nurses assigned to your therapy will immerse themselves in clinical information, study your therapy and then train providers, patients, and caregivers.

Dedicated product line manager. An experienced leader dedicated to your product will serve as the liaison between Accredo and your team. Our product line directors have a wealth of experience in specialty pharmacy and can customize our services to fit your product needs.

Supplies. Our team of clinical and pharmacy specialists will work with you to identify the best options for devices and ancillary supplies to be used with your product.


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