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Electronic Prior Authorization (ePA)

As a prescriber or representative of a prescriber, you can now request prior authorization (PA) decisions for new prescriptions electronically. You can choose one of the two tools outlined below that works best for your office.

1. ePA works within your Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and is a great tool if you’re already ePrescribing regularly. You can:

  • Confirm the need for PA and view criteria during the prescribing process
  • Access benefit and formulary information in your EMR
  • Receive approval or denial of the PA – often in real time
  • Manage PA requests within your existing ePrescribing workflow
  • Each EMR vendor is different, so check with them to make sure you have the latest software version allowing ePA
2. Accredo has partnered with CoverMyMeds® to offer FREE ePA services through a secure web portal. You can:
  • Submit patient information and receive criteria questions online, often immediately
  • Process PAs with no paperwork or phone calls to the plan
  • Enjoy faster PA approvals, many times before the patient leaves your office

If you don't already have an account, visit covermymeds.com/epa/express-scripts and create a free account today.

Accredo uses CoverMyMeds to coordinate authorizations when new prescriptions are submitted that require prior approval. Accredo may send physician PA information to the patient’s insurance plan if a prior authorization for the pharmacy to service the drug is required.

Phoning and faxing in your prior authorizations for specialty prescriptions is still an available option. An Accredo representative may reach out via phone or fax to your office if the pharmacy is waiting on a prior authorization determination.


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