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Good nutrition is vital before, during, and after treatment.  Your body is fighting disease, and food is a critical weapon in the fight.  Eating the right kinds of foods is important for recovery and can help you feel better and stay stronger.

Nutrition for Cancer

As part of your care with Accredo Pharmacy, you have access to our FREE online Oncology Nutrition Service, TherapEase Cuisine. TherapEase Cuisine, developed by registered dietitians and based on science, helps with reducing side effects, choosing foods highly recommended for your needs, daily meal planning, food-drug interactions, and accessing registered dietitians.

TherapEase Cuisine guides you to the best food choices based on your:

  • diagnosis
  • treatment
  • side effects
  • unique preferences.
Image of fruits and vegetables

To get started, visit TherapEaseCuisine.com


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